Indulge your body and your soul! It is a unique place where you may relax by expert therapists and get rid of the stress of business life.

PEELING FOAM: You will feel renewed and  get the feeling of relaxation of ottoman culture foam sac in the Turkish bath. It revitalizes the skin, by this way you get rid of the toxins and dead cells in your body.

CLASSICAL MASSAGE: Herbal oil massage makes your body relax and  it soften the muscles. There are smooth or strong touches for this type of massage.

THAI: Thai aroma massage is an ancient art of body therapy and improves health. It balances the body’s energy system.

SPORT: It is applied by some different stretching techniques for specific type of muscles. It removes the muscular tension.

SULTAN 4 HANDS: Performed by two therapists. Massage therapists are doing  the massage at the same time and in a synchronized way.

CELLULITE: Rearranges the blood flow  and helps you get rid of the toxic from your body.

PEARL: This massage is made with a special pearl powder. This powder helps preventing of getting old early.

BALI: It is a stronge type of massage in order to improve blood oxygen and energy transfer of the body.